Social Media Management - The Whole Package

When managed well, social media gives brands the upper hand in a saturated landscape. Inject your business with a cutthroat digital strategy from Simply Social Management. By pairing your business objectives with communication goals, we will develop a bespoke strategy carefully designed for your business. From content production, social media advertising to community management - It’s social media made simple.

Content Production

Content is king. Our team of photographers, videographers, graphic designers, copywriters and stylists specialise in creating first class content that reflects your brand.

Social Media Advertising 

Content is only as good as the audience it’s shared with. By staying on top of paid social media trends, we offer excellent value for any budget - big or small.

Community Management 

While we work hard to build a community around your brand; we work harder to maintain it. By learning your brand inside and out, Simply Social Management can be your online sales assistant, booking manager or PR coordinator.


Simply Social Management also offers consultant services to suit any individual or business. Whether you’re after a social media health check or want to better understand your customer, we can help.

Social Media Health Check

Want to know just how effective your current social media strategy is? Using advanced software, we analyse social media data and its impact on sales, web traffic, restaurant bookings and more. Your social media strategy will never be the same.

Consumer Insights

Getting to know your social media community provides a detailed picture of your current customer. Better still, it can provide invaluable insights into an untapped market. Using advanced analysis and software, Simply Social Management can boil down overwhelming data into actionable insights for your marketing team.

Social Media Consulting

Learn how to improve your current social media plan and build a strategy for success. We offer one-to-one sessions and consultancy plans to suit any business.